måndag 5 oktober 2015

Eachine 250 Racer


I just received my Eachine 250 racer and will do a short review of it with a lot of pictures this week.

fredag 21 november 2014

3D Printing service

Hello again.

If you need some parts for your Quad, Tri, Hexa or whatever or maybe you need something printed for your home or car dont be shy to ask me.

If i can do it i do it for a fair price.

More to come soon :)

fredag 31 oktober 2014

Long time no see :)

Hello again.

Sorry for the slow update rate on my blog. Have had a few things happen and will update later this evening.

See ya soon :)

fredag 10 oktober 2014

3d Printed Quad

I have seen alot of nice 3d printed quads but wanted to make my own so i made one :)

The arms are 10mm wide and 6mm thick and very strong. The plates are 3mm thick.

More info to come :)

lördag 20 september 2014

måndag 15 september 2014

250 Quad update

Now I got all the things for my 250 except the 5030 props so I will use 3 bladed ones for now.

I made some spacers for the arms so I could get the cables tucked away nicely.

fredag 5 september 2014

500 Quad and misc

Here's a few pics of my 500 size Quad, my modified Turnigy 9x and my small hobby room ☺

As you can see the small room for my Rc stuff needs a bit of cleaning...